Github Copilot for PRs

Gurpreet Singh
2 min readApr 17, 2023


Pull requests are a crucial component of the GitHub user experience, which is a well-known platform for managing software development projects. A suggested modification to the codebase is submitted as a pull request (PR) so that other members of the development team may examine it. By enabling team members to debate possible improvements, assess each other’s work, and recommend modifications to the coding, pull requests support developer cooperation.

Copilot is a code generating tool driven by AI that was created by GitHub and OpenAI. As programmers input, code snippets and auto-complete suggestions are generated using machine learning techniques. Developers can now create better PR descriptions thanks to Copilot for PRs, which also makes it easier for teams to review and integrate pull requests more efficiently.

Copilot for PRs can recommend better descriptions for pull requests by utilising Copilot’s machine learning capabilities. This can assist developers in giving their proposed changes greater context and clarity, making it simpler for reviewers to comprehend the changes and offer input.

Copilot for PRs not only enhances PR descriptions but also has the ability to expedite the review and merging process. Copilot can evaluate the code changes included in a PR and recommend tweaks or upgrades that might speed up the review procedure. Developers may save time and teams may find it simpler to integrate changes into the codebase as a result.

You can include appropriate marker tags to your Pull Request description to get Copilot up and running. These tags instruct Copilot to produce a code walkthrough, a description of the modifications, or even a poem, among other types of material. The content around the marker tags will then be examined by Copilot, which will subsequently provide code fragments or functions pertinent to your pull request.

copilot:summary : Generates a summary of the changes made in the Pull Request.
copilot:walkthrough : Generates a code walkthrough of the changes made in the Pull Request.
copilot:poem : Generates a poem based on the text of the Pull Request description.
copilot:all : Generates code snippets for all files changed in the Pull Request.

Include one of these marker tags in the body of your subsequent pull request to test Copilot for pull requests and see what code recommendations it provides. Copilot is currently in beta, so it might not always produce flawless code. As a result, it’s crucial to examine and verify any code suggestions before integrating them into your codebase.

Alternatively, you can follow a straightforward, step-by-step guide provided by GitHub on how to incorporate Copilot into your repository. Please visit to access the guide.